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Empowering Personal Growth

Coming Jan 2nd, 2023: all 1-day Dale Halaway programs (with the exception of the year end event) will be sponsored by the 5D Freedom Foundation.

The Retail tuition for these classes is $197

Through the generous class sponsorship program, which is made possible by the 5D Freedom Foundation and it’s generous and loving donors, all 1-day foundation sponsored classes are fully funded, aside from a $30 class fee for each attendee. (Made payable by the attendee prior to class at registration).

Ways to attend: in person - online - replay

Become Magnetic To Money

In this one-day seminar you’ll learn a new way to manifest more money with less work...regardless of what's happening in the economy! Attend this class to gain some of the tools required to reveal subconscious limiting beliefs that have blocked your money flow. This will put you on the path toward getting better at manifesting money, having more savings and having higher cash flow in your life.

Freedom from Fear

Fear is an epidemic on this planet. It is instilled into our minds beginning at the time of birth. It then continues to hinder or even paralyze us, blocking us from progressing and succeeding in life due to influencing factors such as subconscious limiting beliefs, conditioning and collective programming. In this class you will be given the tools to reveal your limiting beliefs and subconscious fears so that you can live a life free from fear.

Soul Success

In this Life-Enriching full-day seminar experience, you'll discover what it really takes to create true lasting success. You'll also learn why fulfillment is so critical to the expansion of your soul. You'll also learn one of the most important principles of success for creating the life you deserve.

The Energetics of Relationships

In this inspirational and empowering full day experience, you’ll discover how the 7 energy centers affect your relationships and gain an understanding of the 3 lower self-aspects that can run (and even ruin) any relationship. You'll also learn the 5 key areas of life and your ENERGETIC relationship to them

Manifest Soul-fulfilling Relationships, Friendships and Partnerships

In this thought-provoking full day seminar, you'll discover the key signals to watch out for when entering a new relationship of any kind. You'll also learn the different types or themes of partnerships, and how to identify which theme or type you're currently in, and its significance to your soul’s journey.

Fountain of Youth Within

Come discover how to be a happier person by first taking control of your body and having it work for you instead of against you. In this class you’ll also acquire a deeper understanding of the mind-body connection and how our subconscious keeps us rooted in lower-energy choices that are not healthy. Then we will part with tips and tools for how to overcome these choices and replace them with healthier conscious ones. This will lead to the knowledge of how to ignite our internal fountain of youth and naturally slow down the aging process.

5D World and Beyond: Rising Up to Your Greater Destiny

Embracing a new way of being and rising to a higher vibrational state of existence is the theme of this one-day seminar. Join us in strengthening our connection to the divine in order to rise to a 5D world and sustain the conscious awareness required to remain there. Rise up to a brighter, bigger and better future in a 5D World with the tools acquired here.

Living at Altitude

In this one-day experience you will discover the Power of a 5D Attitude and the 5 different states of being you’ll want to rise up to. You’ll also learn about the life changing power of consciousness and how to bring it to everything you do and increase your awareness that nothing new happens until we achieve or embody a new level of consciousness that becomes anchored in our sacred heart.