Our Mission

Formed in 2023, the 5D Freedom Foundation focuses primarily on providing tools to lead humanity into a world where no more healing is required, by empowering the freedom within individuals to physically embody and become their most authentic self. And by awakening consciousness and eradicating the suffering of humanity– therefore elevating conscious awareness one soul at a time.

We accomplish this by making higher consciousness teachings available to individuals, organizations and communities in need; by collaborating with like-minded individuals and organizations; by offering scholarships to those that show a desire to progress and a need for support. One of the missions of the 5D Freedom Foundation is to educate people that are open to manifest their dreams, by not just saying “I am safe, I am abundant, or I am grateful” but in becoming educated in how to truly feel safe, abundant and grateful. 

From a Manifestation standpoint we are programmed with an "I AM" point of view, but as a collective of people in the 5D Freedom Realm we are to be coming together in a "WE ARE" mindset… this is the key to manifesting a new, better and united world. This is one of the mission of the 5d freedom foundation.

This foundation was organized exclusively for charitable purposes.


Unleashing the Power Within for Authentic Transformation

At 5D Freedom Foundation, we believe in the power of personal transformation. Founded by Dale Halaway, our organization is dedicated to providing individuals with the tools and resources they need to embody their most authentic selves. Through scholarships, discounted classes, and collaboration with like-minded individuals and organizations, we aim to support those who desire progress and need guidance on their journey towards freedom.


Unlocking Freedom Through Personal and Societal Transformation

At 5D Freedom Foundation, we believe that true freedom comes from within. Our teachings provide the tools and guidance to help individuals embody their authentic selves, leading to personal and societal transformation.


Unlocking the power within to create a world of freedom and authenticity.


Our teachings have the power to create lasting change in individuals and communities.

Empowering individuals, organizations, and communities to embody their most authentic selves.

Through our work, we have witnessed countless success stories of personal growth and transformation.

Individuals finding their true purpose and living fulfilling lives.

Organizations experiencing increased productivity and harmonious teamwork.

Communities thriving with empowered individuals and strong connections.

Meet Our Team

Dedicated individuals driving our mission forward.

Dale Halaway
Founder and President

Dale Halaway is a Master Transformational Teacher, best-selling author and the creator of the TransCovery Process®, a powerful healing modality for releasing resistance and letting go of what is no longer serving. With over 40 years of teaching, coaching and strategic planning for both individuals and corporations, Dale’s vast body of work is anchored in legacy teachings on Universal Law.

Darlene Karn
Vice President

Darlene Karn has worked under Dale’s guidance for over 26 years and is a certified Transformational Life Coach with a strong background as a senior retail director, bringing forth extensive management expertise in large-volume multi-store operations and interpersonal communications. She was the entrepreneurial force behind The Matrix Group executive search agency, spearheading its growth from inception to a $5 million enterprise over a decade, with a relentless focus on strategic partnerships and business development initiatives.

Mycki Manning
Co-founder and Treasurer

Mycki Manning has been a foundational presence in the Dale Halaway organization for the past 6 years, where she serves as Creative Director bringing forth 25+ years as a graphic designer, producer, director and photographer. She has dedicated herself to Dale’s mission and to the spiritual well-being of his students and his team of Transformational Life Coaches.