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At 5D Freedom Foundation, we are dedicated to helping individuals embody their most authentic self. Through our tools and teachings, we empower individuals to unlock their true potential and live a life of freedom and fulfillment.

Soul Success

June 22nd In Las Vegas & Online ($30)

In this Life-Enriching full-day seminar experience, you'll discover what it really takes to create true lasting success. You'll also learn why fulfillment is so critical to the expansion of your soul. You'll also learn one of the most important principles of success for creating the life you deserve.

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Transform Your Life with Dale Halaway's Teachings

Dale Halaway's teachings provide powerful tools and methods for personal growth and transformation. Through seminars, workshops, and personal coaching, you can learn to embody your most authentic self and live a life of freedom.


Experience the power of Dale Halaway's teachings through interactive seminars, immersive workshops, and personalized coaching sessions.

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We collaborate with like-minded individuals and organizations to create a supportive community that fosters growth and progress.

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We offer scholarships and discounted classes to individuals and organizations in need of support and a desire to progress.

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Tap into your true potential and experience personal growth with Dale Halaway's teachings.

By applying Dale Halaway's teachings, you will gain the tools to empower yourself, embrace authenticity, and transform your life.

Discover Your True Potential

Explore our programs and unlock the freedom within you

Donate for Freedom

Are you looking for a way to make a difference with your charitable contributions?Do you want to see results that can create lasting change in the lives of others?

The opportunity has arrived for giving to a cause that is specifically designed to empower humanity, one soul at a time, with the tools and wisdom needed for each of us to have stable energy and footing during the global and economic challenges our world is facing.

Choose any denomination and receive a tax receipt for your contribution.

Support this transformational cause today and see your karmic bank account fill up!

Your donation will be applied to a variety of programs including: one-day classes, public seminars, advanced training classes, certification and trade school programs for students that demonstrate financial need and the desire to attend. It may also be allocated toward providing aid for those in crisis with demonstrated needs that meet various types of criteria.


Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about the foundation, its programs, and how to get involved.

What is the foundation's mission?

The 5D Freedom Foundation's mission is to empower individuals to embody their most authentic selves through the teachings of Dale Halaway. We provide tools, resources, and support to help individuals progress on their personal growth journey.

How can I get involved?

There are several ways to get involved with the 5D Freedom Foundation. You can attend our classes and workshops, apply for scholarships, or collaborate with us on projects that align with our mission.

How can I apply for scholarships?

To apply for scholarships offered by the 5D Freedom Foundation, please fill out the scholarship application form here. We review applications on a rolling basis and notify selected applicants.

How can I collaborate with the foundation?

If you are a like-minded individual or organization and would like to collaborate with the 5D Freedom Foundation, please reach out to us through our contact form. We are always open to new partnerships and initiatives.

Can I donate to the foundation?

Yes, we greatly appreciate donations to support our mission and initiatives. You can donate securely through our website here, and your contribution will directly impact the individuals and communities we serve.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more information.

The 5D Freedom Foundation's programs and teachings have truly transformed my life. I am now living with a sense of purpose and authenticity that I never thought possible.

John Doe

CEO, ABC Company